Thanks for visiting my website! Sorry I don't update it more often. I still have lots of cool stuff to add, and I'm looking forward to getting back on it soon! I'm out in Western Massachusetts, USA, laying down some tracks at Blue Jay Way, and feeding an amazing assortment of very appreciative wildlife. I'll try to get some video up soon. I've been buying some amazing CDs from Turn it Up! (and a new Breeders LP that I didn't know was out!) and smoking some excellent bud from NETA Northampton and INSA in Easthampton. Right now they only sell to people with cannabis cards but weed is (somewhat) legal here now, and people without cards should be able to buy it on July 1. They say the cannabis cafes will be another year, unfortunately...

I don't have much TSROS news right now. I think the new tracks are starting to sound pretty good, all things being relative. I have a bunch of cassettes of previous bands doing fun stuff so keep an eye on the pre-tsros page if you feel like it. I just found an old tape of the Crowes doing some funny and out-of-character covers; I might put that up soon for a minute. I have a youtube channel where I upload TSROS and previous bands, as well as things I taped when I was in Atlanta. For a guided tour of the old bands, check out playing in the band, where I have a select clip or two from each band and update them from time to time.

I'm also planning to get a sessionography together soon for the TSROS tracks. Lots of amazing friends who should be acknowledged in the digital age!

Hit the play button below if you want to hear The Seventh Ring of Saturn...

Love and blessings to you! Spread Jah Love!


Tsros pic
14th dream poster more color