I'm back from the U.K. and settling in for a winter of writing, recording and woodshedding on guitar. The trip was fantastic and the 14th Dream was a blast. Many thanks to Keith and Pete for getting me on the bill!
photos by Rossana Morriello

photos by Rossana Morriello

14th dream 1

I just finished up a warped version of David Bowie's Star for Fruits de Mer Records' year end members CD.

New bowie tribute
And I recorded a rock version of Sura ke Mastura for George at Gewgaw Fanzine. He invited me to sing a song in Greek and I chose an old Rembetiko that we've been playing at shows since 2010. It will be included on a CD with the next issue and I'll update the website as soon as it's available. I'm brainstorming a track now for Timelord Michalis' next Timemazine CD!

Thanks for checking in!
14th dream poster more color

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