At the 14th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus, a splendid time was had by all! I got to meet Fruits de Mer Keith, Ax Genrich, Jack Ellister, The Telephones, The Three Steves, Till, Zil and many more, as well as see our Crabstock pal Curvey, on a solo mission this time. My new friend Rossana Morriello took some excellent pictures at the festival; here are two from my set:
14th dream 2
14th dream 1

The rest of my time in the UK was amazing. I went to Liverpool and rode on the Magical Mystery Tour bus. And I saw some fantastic shows in London, including Atomic Rooster at the 100 Club, a Charles Hayward solo set at St. Pancras Old Church and The Dickies at the Underworld!
I just finished up a warped version of David Bowie's Star for Fruits de Mer's year end members CD. More info on the CD soon!
I also recorded a rock version of Sura ke Mastura to George at Gewgaw Fanzine for a CD that comes with the next issue. He invited me to sing a song in Greek, and I chose an old Rembetiko that we've been playing at shows since 2010. I'll update this when the magazine is available and get the track on the website player before too long.

Thanks for checking in!

14th dream poster more color

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