I'm back from the U.K. and settling in for a winter of writing, recording and woodshedding on guitar. The trip was fantastic and the 14th Dream was a blast. Many thanks to Keith and Pete for getting me on the bill. The TSROS live band is spread across the country now, but we're planning to get together soon and hopefully we can make it over to the U.K. in the next few years.
photos by Rossana Morriello

photos by Rossana Morriello

14th dream 1

I just finished up a warped version of David Bowie's Star for Fruits de Mer Records' year end members CD.

New bowie tribute
And I recorded a rock version of Sura ke Mastura for George at Gewgaw Fanzine. He invited me to sing a song in Greek and I chose an old Rembetiko that we've been playing at shows since 2010. It will be included on a CD with the next issue and I'll update the website as soon as it's available. I'm brainstorming a track now for Timelord Michalis' next Timemazine CD!

Thanks for checking in!
14th dream poster more color

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